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Character Education is the process by which humans learn to interact with society, develop common attitudes and beliefs, while displayng behaviors that are indicative of responsible citizens. Feelings, thoughts, and actions all work together to form character. Character education is the act of teaching students how to regulate those feelings, thoughts, and actions into

pro-social behaviors.

Character education can be a stand-alone curriculum, or it can be part of a larger school initiative, such as Operation Outreach (O2). Not surprisingly, it is more effective when integrated into the academic curriculum and other school initiatives.


“Operation Outreach (O2)” is a skills development program designed to promote and enhance academic excellence, character education, and personal growth by providing community service involvement, skills building workshop sessions and leadership opportunities for students.


“Operation Outreach (O2)” serves students between grades

5-12, who are referred or selected as those having “no” to “significant” academic, emotional, social, behavioral, or attendance difficulties and are in need of a more structured skills building program. The mission of Operation Outreach is simply to serve as a vehicle to build stronger students, schools, and communities.


Areas of training include:

Decision Making  -  Problem Solving  -  Social Skills

Citizenship  -  CPR First Aid/Certification  -  Empathy   Communication Skills  -  Respect  -  Entrepernership  

Academic Engagement/Success  -  Leadership      

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To initiate an Operation Outreach (O2) program in your school or city or to obtain more information, simply complete and submit the appropriate form

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