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Final Clearance

Over the Summer, children are reported to lose up to 2 months of reading performance simply because they do not have access to books. Over time these gaps in reading performance increase and by the time an elementary student reaches middle school he/she may be 2 1/2 years behind.

Here are a few suggestions that may assist parents:

Visit the local library

Help your child find those books that are of high interest and are not difficult for your child to read. To assess their skills, turn to any page in the book and have your child read. Note difficult words within the text and if there are more than 5 difficult words, then the book is too difficult.


Structured reading each day

Have your child read at least 20 minutes per day! Studies show that children who read as many words outside of school will learn 1,800,000 words by the sixth grade. 

For a video/presentation on study skills, click here!

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