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Cornhole Rules/Regulations

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GHS Coaches & Players Reunion

Cornhole Tournament

Rules and Game Play Regulations





  • GHS Coaches & Players Reunion Advisory Board will provide the Cornhole court, boards, and bags.

  • The rules of play are listed below. A minimum of ten teams must register to hold the tournament.

  • The tournament will start at 12:00 p.m., but may change depending on the number of teams. Check-in will start at 12:00 p.m. 

  • If a team or team member exhibits poor sportsmanship, dangerous behavior, or any other risk, Advisory Board Members reserve the right to disqualify the team.

  • Team Member 1 will be the lead of the team and the point of contact for the Tournament Committee/Board Members. 




  • Every match is broken down into innings of play. During an inning of play, each player must pitch all four of his/her bags.

  • An inning is never completed until all players pitch all four of his/her bags.




  • Double Elimination (Teams are randomly matched-up in a bracket format and any team that loses two games is eliminated. The winning teams continue to play until a winner is crowned). 



  • Two teams, consisting of two players, compete against one another until a winning team is determined.

  • Each team will stay in their designated lane for the entire game.

  • Players at the headboard will alternate pitching bags until each player has pitched all four of his/her bags.

  • Players at the footboard will take score and resume pitching back to the other board.

  • The top of an inning is completed when both players pitching from the headboard pitch all four bags; the bottom of the inning is completed when the remaining players pitching from the footboard pitch all four bags.



  • The approved method of scoring for the sport of cornhole is “cancellation” scoring. In cancellation scoring, the points of one player cancel out the points of their opponent. Using this method, only one player/team can score in each inning.

  • Bag In-The-Count (Woody) : Any bag which comes to rest anywhere on top of the board. Each is worth one (1) point.

  • Bag In-The-Hole (Cornhole) : Any bag which is thrown through the hole or knocked through the hole by another bag. Each is worth three (3) points.

  • Foul Bags – Refers to any bag that has not been determined as Bag In-The-Count or Bag In-The Hole or was designated a foul bag as the result of rules violation.



  • The player or team who scored in the preceding inning has honor pitching first in the next inning. - If neither player or team scores, the player or team who pitched first in the preceding frame shall retain first pitch in the next frame.



  • The pitcher must be within the pitcher’s box or behind the foul line at the time of release.

  • A player must pitch all four bags from their designated pitcher’s box.

  • Players must pitch the bag with an under-hand release.



  • The following are rule violations that must be spotted and called by a player or assigned judge.

  • The penalty is to declare the bag a foul bag, which requires the bags to be removed from the court prior to resuming play.

  • Any bag pitched when the player has made contact with or crossed over the foul line-

  • Any bag pitched when the player has started or stepped completely outside the pitcher’s box before the bag is released-

  • Any bag not delivered within the 20-second time limit-

  • A bag pitched from a different pitcher’s box than the first bag-

  • Any bag that contacted the court or the ground before coming to rest on the board-

  • Any bag that struck a previously defined object such as a tree limb, wire, indoor court ceiling, etc.-

  • Any bag removed from the board before scoring has been agreed upon for that bag-

  • The offending team (who touches the bags) forfeits all remaining bags and tallies the score of just the bags thrown before the foul was reported-

  • The non-offending team tallies twelve (12) points as if they had thrown four Bag In-The-Holes (Cornholes) during the inning-

  • A bag that leaves a player’s hand once the final forward swing of the delivery process has started shall count as a pitched bag-

  • A bag that is accidentally dropped by a player before the final forward swing has started shall not be considered foul and may be picked up and pitched. Protests – If a player desires to make a protest, the protest shall be made to the judge or official at the time the problem occurs. The judge shall make the final ruling on all protests.



  • The game shall be played to the predetermined number of twenty-one points. The first team to reach (or exceed) that amount at the conclusion of an inning is the winner.


  • 1st and 2nd place winners will receive cash payouts and a trophy. The 1st place winners will receive a "Champions Trophy", as well as $50. The 2nd place winners will receive a 2nd Place Trophy, as well as $25. Should there be more than 20 teams, the 1st place winners will revieve a cash award of $100 and the 2nd place winners will recieve $50.



  • Admission is free. Teams pay the entry fee.                        




  • The Cornhole Courts will not be open until 12 p.m., when the tournament is scheduled to begin.




For questions or additional information, please contact Rod Oglesby, GHS – Advisory Board Member, at (864) 812-2914 or



In order to participate, each player will be asked to sign the following prior to game play:


I hereby certify that the GHS - Coaches & Players Reunion Advisory Board, iSKILLS LLC, Gaffney High School/Cherokee County School District or or anyone associated with the Cornhole Tournament is not responsible for my personal injury, nor my family’s personal injury, my personal property damage, theft or loss to and from the tournament. I will abide by the judge’s decision and accept them as final. I will not show poor sportsmanship (this will include any family or friends who will be with me.)  I agree if poor sportsmanship is shown by me or those with me, I will be disqualified from this tournament and any future tournaments associated with this advisory board.  I agree that I will act in a dignified manner, I will respect those in authority and I will respect the property of the venue. I understand that there will be no refunds given for any money that I have paid. I understand that the GHS – Coaches & Players Advisory Board must receive a minimum of ten (10) registered teams to hold the tournament. If the tournament must be cancelled due to low registration, I will receive a 100% refund within 15 days after the event.



_________________________             ________________________         ____________

Team Member #1 (Print Name)             (Signature)                                 (Date)


_________________________             ________________________         ____________

Team Member #2 (Print Name)             (Signature)                                 (Date)


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