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Specific Learning Disability (SLD)

A learning disability (LD) is a neurological disorder that affects the brain's ability to receive, process, store and respond to information. The term learning disability is used to describe the seeming unexplained difficulty a person of at least average intelligence has in acquiring basic academic skills. These skills are essential for success at school and work, and for coping with life in general. LD is not a single disorder. It is a term that refers to a group of disorders.

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Learning Disabilities can afect the areas of...

  • Listening

  • Speaking

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Mathematics

Experts aren't exactly sure what causes learning disabilities. LD may be due to:

  • Heredity 

  • Problems during pregnancy 

  • Incidents after birth 

Learning disabilities are NOT caused by economic disadvantage, environmental factors or cultural differences. In fact, there is frequently no apparent cause for LD.

Are Learning Disabilities common?

  • Learning disabilities are considered to be high incidence disabilities.

  • Over 4 million kids in the US have at least one learning disability.

  • One in 59 kids, or 1.69 percent of kids live with one or more learning disabilities.

What can one do for help?

Learning disabilities are lifelong, and although they won't go away, they don't have to stop a person from achieving goals. Help is available if they are identified.

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